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Over Water Bungalow Resort in TahitiHere, we have assembled for you all relevant information that we have gathered first-hand after visiting these beautiful islands in the South Pacific.  Because of the page limitations, we could not accomodate every small aspect; however, you can always call our friendly charter broker at 1(800)414-9004 to get more information.  Book your exciting and romantic sailing vacation from the Tahiti experts - Boatz 'n Yachtz.

We have small pictures for your convenience on the links below which show world-class resorts on all the Tahitian islands.  Please be sure to browse these pages.  After your long, tiring flight (irrespective of where you fly from: Europe, USA or Far East), you will find it re-energizing to spend your first night relaxing at these exquisite to moderate hotels before you start your exciting sailing vacation.  A great sailing vacation can also be concluded by staying at these resorts (a very popular thing with honeymooners and families).

Tahiti Resort Beach


Please note that we offer hotel bookings as a complementary service only to our clients who book sailing vacations or in combination with international airline reservations through us.