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General Information

Tahitian Black Pearl

A Black Pearl

Take a direct flight to Papeete, Tahiti from Los Angeles and head on towards Raiatea via a commuter flight (45 minutes) and start your sailing adventure.  Get a warm welcome from Tahitian people on Raiatea, Tahaa, Hauhine and on Bora Bora.  These magical islands are full of tropical forests and breathtaking waterfalls.  Please your eyes with all those colorful flowers (Tiare) here, and wear them to look colorful too.  Wearing a flower on your right ear signifies you are single and are looking for a partner, whereas wearing it your left ear signifies that you are happily married or engaged or have a loved one.

These French Polynesian Islands, located 15 to 18 degrees south of the equator, fall within the tropical zone and thus enjoy warm weather year round.  Tahiti is an ideal place to sail as winds are calm and rainfall moderate.  The period between April to October is considered as "dry"season, and that between November to March, the "wet" season.  These volcanic islands offer small shallow waters to dive and snorkel. Coral reefs abound especially around the island of Bora Bora.

Locally, the people are very friendly, but a bit modest when it comes to clothing in public places.  Although a swim suit is ideal on beaches, a shirt, shorts and light footwear are usually worn when outside these areas.  French and Tahitian are the official languages; however, English is spoken at many tourist places.

Airline Deals


HOT TAHITI AIRLINE SPECIALS$698 + TAX -- Round trip PP from Los Angeles, CA or Oakland, CA to Papeete, Tahiti.  Please contact us for availability & booking -- when you charter a yacht through us.  No gimmicks, no hidden charges, rates available all year round, no high/low season (depending upon availability).  If you are interested traveling business class, the round trip PP air-fare is $1,373 + TAX ONLY!  Unlike the Caribbean, there are still some seats open at the moment of this publishing (July 5) for the Millennium period...contact us now!!  Prices may vary.

Land Safaris / Tours

Island VistaHuahine: You can enjoy Land Safaris in 4X4 vehicles.  Let yourself be seducted by this paradise of Leeward islands.  It offers you the best of Huahine - it's authentic, it's charming, it's with its own secret tracks.  Great for learning local culture, the past of the Tahitian people, and Oh Yes!  also feed the eels in a natural fresh water stream!  The bay between Huahine's two islands (Nui and Iti) is the deepest of them all.  Here, not only do large steamships come to anchor, but so do migrating whales as they see this bay fit for breeding while making their long journeys from Alaska.

Raiatea:  Raiatea Cote Montagne - 4 WD safaris into Raiatea's hills and deep valleys to discover the local flora and enjoy swimming in rivers.  Visit Taputapuatea Marae and enjoy breattaking views atop vista points.

Tahaa: Vanilla Beans from TahaaVanilla Tours, a botanical tour through the lush and unspoiled inland.  Aboard a comfortable 4-wheel drive, climb the hills to fantastic view points and cross the island through the wild tropical mountain forest.  Enjoy the local flora and agriculture with their origins and tranditional uses.  The first vanilla plants were introduced in Polynesia in 1848 by Admiral Hamelin.  No less than 70% produced in Polynesia (a total of about 25 tons) comes from Tahaa.

Snorkeling with Sharks and Manta Rays!

Snorkeling with sharksWith so many lagoons and reefs around the islands, the fishes (especially small sharks, manta rays and others) harbor many of these areas which can be explored by snorkeling and diving.  Especially at Bora Bora there is a lagoonarium (natural aquarium) which raises sharks, manta rays among other tropical colorful fishes.  A tour here is a must.  One can snorkel within the lagoonarium, feed the small fishes as well as sharks and Manta Ray fishes and turtles as well as touch them with your bare hands!  This is a unique spot on earth to do this in a natural setting.


The local currency is the French Pacific Franc (100 CFP = US $1). The exchange rate for other currencies fluctuates daily.  Banks in Tahiti with branch offices in the resort islands of French Polynesia, including an exchange at the Tahiti-Faaa International Airport can exchange the US dollars or most other currencies. Hotels will also exchange various currencies for CFP.  Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants, boutiques and other tourist establishments.  Taxis welcome the US dollar for fare.

Tahiti International Airport at Faaa has flights connecting it from US/Canada, Hawaii, France, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and South East Asia.


Year round tropical weather.  November to March, the climate is warmer and humid (therefore low season for sailing), and from April to October it is cooler and drier (considered as high season for sailing).  Most of the rain falls during the warmer season, but there are also many pleasant sunny days during these months, with refreshing trade-winds.

























Business Hours

Business hours are from 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. (M-F) with a lunch hour from 12:00 noon - 1:30 p.m.).  Many businesses are also open Saturday mornings.  Most banks are open between 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m., and small shopping centers in the suburbs of Tahiti are open until 7:30 or 8 p.m.Tahitian Black Pearl

Most islands have an open market that brings-in fresh produce, flowers, local goods, souvenirs and other miscellaneous items.  You can shop at these centers for reasonable prices.  In Tahiti, near the marina there are many jewelery shops offering exquisite black pearl ornaments of world-class design and quality.Tahitian Black Pearl